11 Things I Learned from Building and Selling Nightlight Farms

Nightlight Farms

I’ve learned alot in building my first brick and mortar business (nightlightfarms.com) in the past year and a half or so (March, 2012 – July, 2013). They are as follows:


  1. I have been incredibly blessed to have such wonderful people come into my life.
  2. Incredible things happen when I put myself out there.
  3. Diligence in the numbers = success for any financial endeavor
  4. To complete a big project, focus all of your energy on it until it is complete.
  5. Always provide consistency and communication to your relationships (employees/clients/peers)
  6. Trading with other vendors is the BEST part of the farmer’s market.
  7. When building a business, it is key to have an environment that you WANT to be in.
  8. Maintenance is what makes a business/relationship/’anything meant to last’ great
  9. I thrive if I have all basic needs met. (see Maslov’s Hierarchy of Needs)
  10. I want and value support from my partner in all projects and endeavors.
  11. Confronting your fears and overcoming them is one of the most challenging and gratifying aspects of building a business.




18 months of work to come up with a few bullet points?


Yup! I should be so lucky to work for another 18 months for a follow-up list…


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